We believe that no one in our county should go hungry.
We recognize that aiding those who lack basic needs requires a sustained coordinated effort, which should provide secure housing and nutritious meals; essential physical health care, abuse aftercare, and mental health; as well as personal development and empowerment.
We actively support new initiatives that will benefit our clients.

The mission of the Bread of Life Free Community Kitchen is to provide nutritious meals in a safe and secure environment and to share our food with those in need in Transylvania County.

History of the Bread of Life Community Kitchen:

The Bread of Life Ministry began in 1996 when Brevard natives, Pam and Wayne Brown, approached Mike and Kathy Moguel - owners of “Poets, Prophets and Pastries” ( a religious bookstore on Caldwell Street that sold coffee, pastries, and cakes made in their kitchen) and requested permission to borrow their kitchen once a month. They offered free assistance to, and fellowship with, those in Transylvania County who were struggling. When Dupont transferred Mike and Kathy to Wisconsin, Pam and Wayne stepped forward to further establish and expand the Bread of Life ministry. Over the next ten years Pam and Wayne, with the help of many others, including many local churches, operated a “soup kitchen”, offering free nutritious and much-appreciated lunches daily. There were also silent supporters, like Charles Pickelsimer, a well known Brevard business owner and philanthropist, who paid the rent for years.
In 2006, when, due to declining health, Pam needed someone to take over the community kitchen, Tom Little, a retired electronics entrepreneur, stepped forward. He quickly bought the building, formed a new board, and hired Michael Collins, the previous owner of “Essence of Thyme”, a local coffee shop, as operations director. In 2009, the Bread of Life board, under the leadership of Earle Rabb and with help from a local bank, purchased the current Bread of Life building at 238 South Caldwell.
Michael and The Bread of Life Board have also been instrumental in leading new community needed projects, most notably, the initial work to construct and staff an overnight homeless shelter in Transylvania County. Michael’s vision and persistence were key to raising community and Bread of Life Board awareness of the need for The Haven Shelter for our Bread of Life clients and others in need. In 2008, with Michaels urging, an informal community group was formed to work on plans and feasibility for such a shelter to be located behind the Bread of Life. This group, with representatives from SAFE, Sharing House, and other community leaders, met at Sharing House (TCM) for 6 months and developed a building floor plan, an operational plan and began a site plan analysis.
Then, at the urging of the Board of The Bread of Life, an additional task force was formed to further study the need for and feasibility of an emergency overnight shelter. A broad spectrum of organizations participated. Both task forces concluded that an open-plan facility – configured to safely house up to 18 men, women and children – could be optimally utilized. The Haven of Transylvania County was organized, incorporated, and granted 501(c)(3) status in late 2009. The Bread of Life Board then offered the Haven a 40-year, $1-a-year lease in its backyard on South Caldwell Street. A design took shape for a 1400-square-foot facility, and fundraising began. The ground was broken for the building in January 2011, and The Haven opened its doors on October 31, 2011.
Today the Bread of Life continues it's the mission of service to the community. We provided sustenance, guidance and volunteer opportunities to over 6,000 people last year. Come have lunch with us when you can! We'll save you a place at the table. 

2023 Board of Directors

Corey Gafnea: President
Paula Wesley: Financial Director
Michael Collins: Operations Manager
Carl Conley Jr: Vice President
Seth McLennan: Treasurer
Jayne Field: Secretary 
Dick Hennig
Paul Komar
Karl Hosler- Past President 
Lee McMinn -   President Emeritous
Dr. Bill Moore - President Emeritous
Don B. Rogers- President Emeritous
Dr. Earl Rabb -   Founding President